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Step 1 – Go to Rockwell Compatibility & Download

Visit this link: https://compatibility.rockwellautomation.com/

Step 2 – Search for “RsLogix Micro Starter”

Select the English (EN) version as shown below.

Step 3 – Select “Download”

Step 4 – Expand the Menu and Press the Download Button on the v11.000 RSLogix Software

Step 5 – Choose the RSLogix Tools | Emulate, RSLinx and RSLogix 500

Press on “Download”

Step 6 – Sign In to a Rockwell Account

Step 7 [Optional] – Create a New Account – Free

Step 8 – Accept the Terms of Service

Step 9 – Use “Managed Download” or “Direct Download”

The difference between the two methods is minimal. The managed download utilizes Rockwell Automation’s download tool while the direct download method uses direct files.

Step 10 – Install the Files